blessed with thunder thighs

My day started out with a sprint. Why?

Well I have been working on a research paper for a few days now and it was due this morning. My class goes from 8:10am to 9:00am.

I woke up with a JOLT because I realized it was much too bright out (I usually get up around 7:30am for this class and it’s usually much darker out). “8:52am” my phone says. Whoops. I forgot to set my alarm.

In a panic, I burst out of bed, run to the bathroom… then for a few seconds, I thought, “Oh, wait… I have some time to make it to the start of class…” before realizing “OH, NO… THE ENDS AT 9:00, IT DOESN’T START AT 9:00!!!”

Does it count if I brush my teeth for 7 seconds? Doesn’t matter… no time! I didn’t fix my hair or wash my face… or change out of…

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