Choosing Your Weight Loss or Fitness Program – What Is Right For Me?

Weight Lifting and Fitness Programs in Ocala Florida

Weight Lifting and Fitness Programs in Ocala Florida

By Valarie L Emich

So far we have discussed three ways to set up your fitness journey to help you ensure a quicker and more effective weight loss. We have set our goals, chosen our diet, and now to pick a great program to go along with it. This program should take into account your physical limitations. This could include a previous knee or back injury, heart issues, or your general fitness level. Your time constraints should also be taken into account. Since I am a working mother, I find it difficult to pick a program that lasts longer than an hour. However, the program should be intense enough to burn calories too. Some of the workouts I do last longer than an hour, but I leave those workouts for a day when my husband is home to watch my son for that period of time.

Be sure to ask your coach to assist you in choosing a program that fits your goals, diet and lifestyle. They are knowledgeable and should be willing and ready to help you out. Once your program is chosen order it and read the nutrition guide and workout details as soon as possible. Then pick a start date. Make sure you have gone shopping to get all your meals for the week!

Make sure you also get a multivitamin to take daily as well. Go to a health store or online and purchase any supplements you need to take. Personally, I take a multivitamin, omega 3, and calcium magnesium vitamin. I also take a pre-workout formula for endurance as well as a Results and Recovery drink for a post workout drink. This helps repair muscles after a workout as well as prevent sore muscles. Next it’s time to start! This is the time to go over your goals and make sure you feel motivated enough to begin. If you think you need more motivation try joining a Challenge group. They are a great way to keep you supported and motivated by people who have similar goals than you. I have found several life-long friends from my groups and there results are amazing! Some lose weight quickly, while others may have taken a bit longer. Either way you have motivation from their results which makes you reaching yours not as impossible and you may get to your weight loss goal even quicker!!Just remember to maintain your focus on attaining your goals and when you are lacking motivation go to your coach and team mates for support.

Article Source: Choosing Your Weight Loss or Fitness Program – What Is Right For Me?


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