Are You Unintentionally Sabotaging Your Diet plan?

We all know that the very best foods to take in when we want to lose weight are healthy fats, whole grains and lean meats. These would be the foods that should give us the energy and protein we need. They help our bodies be balanced without infusing a bunch of calories that we will need to work extra hard to burn off at the gym. Did you already know however that a number of the diet foods you’ve been eating may have been hindering your ability to lose weight? They could even be preventing you from slimming down altogether! Check out a few of the ingredients that might be assisting you to accidentally sabotage your diet.

You are not truly helped by Sports Drinks. You’ve probably been thinking that the sports drink is the proper way to help your system feel much better after a workout. Most physicians concur, however, that if your exercise session is shorter than ninety minutes, drinking water should be fine. Sports drinks are full of calories and sugar and a bunch of other stuff like artificial flavors and colors that will defeat any of your attempts at eating a natural plus healthy diet. Instead, look at drinking some chocolate milk. The suscrose inside the chocolate will help your muscles start to heal and the calcium in milk keeps your bones strong.

Protein Shakes aren’t a person’s friend. Lots of people feel that protein shakes may be used instead of meals and to curb cravings between meals. What you will be actually doing, particularly if the majority of your diet consists of whole and healthy foods, is helping your body overdose on protein. Converse to popular belief, protein is not stored as muscle fiber, it is stored as fat. This means that should you have taken in a lot of protein during the day your body stores what it doesn’t need in your fat, which won’t help you lose weight or inches at all.

Pre-packaged deli meat is not nearly as healthy for you as you might believe that it is. You likely are convinced a sandwich that is made from pre-packaged lean deli meat and whole grain bread is a pretty good lunch. The truth is that pre-packaged deli meat is loaded full of preservatives and also about a third of your recommended daily sodium intake. This could be particularly harmful if you are at risk for heart disease. Instead of picking deli meat, pick home prepared chicken or other poultry or fresh deli meat that you can get sliced at the deli counter. Sure these options are more costly but they are much healthier for you in the long run.

There are all kinds of things that we believe will help us lose weight: eating a whole wheat bagel in the morning, for example is actually a lot worse for you than a bowl of oatmeal with some cinnamon sprinkled into it for flavor. Ask your doctor which ingredients are right for you and then eat those. If you are very careful about what you eat and are good to your entire body, losing weight probably won’t be all that big an issue.


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